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After thirty-nine years of working in healthcare, things have changed. Over the past two years I have followed various art courses, from which my personal specialism has arisen. The focus is on beauty, creativity and joy. Those three elements form the basis on which I compose my felt paintings as well as my collages. Since life is already complicated enough my art has no other purpose than to touch or move you.


Making Art

Within the versatile art movements I am involved making felt ‘paintings’, bronze figurines and collage art. This website focuses on collage art. Every piece is unique. The collages are made from a mix of images from the newspaper. Cutting, composing and pasting is done with the utmost care and results in seemingly simple work of art.


Finishing touch

A work of art only comes into its own with the right frame. The colour and structure of the frame give the artwork the surround and the body, without demanding the attention. Each frame of the felt work is made by a specialist framer. Part of the collage collection is especially framed which maximizes the effect of the matte texture of the paper and the power of the image. The rest of the collection has been framed traditionally. It is a matter of viewer preference and we can accommodate any change required.

All art pieces are protected against UV light and dirt.
Each artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity.